• Secret Marsh
    This is a marsh across the road from a trail where we go. I couldn’t find the name of it on the map so I am just going to call it “Secret Marsh” This painting is done in acrylics. I have only used watercolours for landscapes so far, ( and some pastel and pencil) but the first paints I got years ago were some acrylics. I found them very hard to use, so I gave up on them before. I have decided to learn to use them again because many of the landscape painting books I study use acrylic and […]
  • Run if You Dare Through the Minty Forest
    My younger son took us all to a place that he goes to with his bushcraft class. After a long hike, there is a narrow waterfall and very tall trees growing up the two sides of a ravine.I sat on a bench while the rest of the family and dogs ran around the path on the other side of the ravine. From where I sat, it looked like my son was running wildly ( and randomly) though the trees along the side of a steep hill, because at first, I did not see the path, only the blur of his […]
  • Rough Path
    I made a goal for myself to post more, at least twice a week. Well, I had an idea for a painting, and I am still working on it! I found out that no matter how hard I want to, I cannot set a strict deadline on a specific painting idea, while I am still learning. Especially, a forest. Trying to paint forests, always break my brain, but I really, really want to paint them. My painting of a forest was a very specific idea for a feeling, but I did not arrive at the colours needed until about four […]
  • Pink Flower Field
    This painting sat unfinished on my easel through December, January and February. I gravitated towards these light and cheerful colours as they reflected how I felt in November and before. ⁣⁣This painting sat on an easel in front of my bedroom window where I sat and listened to my mom take her last breath over the phone. Behind this painting, out the window, the coldest winter snap froze the trees and covered the garden with deep, heavy snow. So much snow, we could not drive anywhere. So much snow and cold, that our surroundings seemed enchanted in white crystals and […]
  • Afternoon Walk
    This is a new path in my town. I was very delighted to find it as I had no idea it was there. There is a path we walk along, and one day we walked in a different direction that led us here. I am very grateful for this lovely new path.
  • Winter Sky
    When I drive through our little growing town, I can get a glimpse of the ocean which is a block down from one of our main roads. One evening, as my husband drove us home I caught a glimpse (between 2 tall buildings) of the most AMAZING sunset!) After getting home, he hopped out of the car so I could drive back down and get a better look at this beautiful sky. This painting is based on that.
  • Beach Boardwalk
    This is the boardwalk where we walk our dog(s) in winter. In the summer, the boardwalk is very, very busy and we shy away from it then. However throughout the winter for a time, we walked it everyday. It was so amazing to me, how the landscape changed every single day, the lighting, the sky, the ocean, everyday day it seemed like a new place. 
  • Spider Lake
    If I could live on a lake, I surely would. I would wake in the morning, grab a coffee in a thermos and slide into a lake in some kind of row boat. I most definitely would! I am grateful we have kayaks we can put on the car and tug across the parking lot, over a dusty path and into the water to sit in the quiet of this magical lake.
  • Hamilton Marsh
    This is a marsh where we walked, close to where I live on Vancouver Island. On the way to the marsh, the trail has the tallest salal bushes I have ever seen, with the biggest berries we have ever tasted. It is pastel and pencil on yellow paper. My aim was to create a warm feeling like the landscape that wrapped around me in a hug.
  • Secret Beach
    This a beach where we go in the summer. It is a favourite local beach. This picture is from a day that we dragged my husband away from his computer so he could walk barefoot in the warm shallow water of the ocean he loves.