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Catching Echos

This is a book I self published as a way to collect all of the songs I had written from age 15 to 35. I wrote the songs, did the design and layout, as well as the artwork.

This book solved 3 problems for me.

1. I was having a hard time remembering some of my songs and had to go through a mess of paper in a box and 2 gym bags to find words to a songs I was forgetting. This makes it super easy to find and old song I want to sing.

2. I may be wrong, but I feel like it copyrighted my songs in some way, so I don’t have to worry about putting my songs and lyrics out in public places like instagram, etc.

3. My ego is validated. Also, this made me feel useful to have something to work on when my son was napping. No, I don’t clean when the toddler’s napping.

It was also great to challenge myself more in Indesign with a lengthier book. For me, learning how to generate the table of contents was the most challenging part of this project. Not super hard, but intimidating at first. This was totally a personal project, just for me. It is not perfect, but it is done. The padding around the edges of the book is a little slight, but my objective with this book was to fit whole songs onto pages, so I could save on printing costs. Less pages, less cost.