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Inky Animals

This week I have been working on these line/ink based animals. I wanted to focus on some more animals drawn in more of a solemn style. It is super fun to project a sugary sweetness in illustrations of animals; cute, friendly and furry. ( Which I love to paint 🙂 However, there is also another personality that we project on animals, which is more mystical, solemn and sometimes a bit reprimanding. These animals come from this latter projection.

When I walk through the woods and take pictures of these lovely bits of nature to take home and paint, I also remember that I am in a very privileged position as a suburban human on the West Coast. I walk back to my cozy house and switch on the gas fireplace. I take off my warm jacket and shoes and munch on coffee and cookies, then curl up with a blanket on my couch and paint in total comfort. Outside, I think is not so comfortable. I really wonder what these animals actually think of us.