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in a Jar

This is a digital painting of an idea I had about being shy, overthinking and being worried about what people will think of me if/when I show the more weird or personal parts of my personality. When I show this to Brent and explained it to him, he said, ” I think I lot of people feel like that. ” I concur. I know, it’s not everyone, but enough people I guess 🙂 The conclusion I come to is that:

Although I “contain” myself to some extent, I am clearly visible anyway so I may as well just get comfortable with sharing my authentic, fabulous self. Also, once I come out of my jar and talk to people, I find out that I am not as horrifically weird as I think I am.

The punny version:

I contain myself in a container because I am trying to “cure”ate myself, ( but I leak out anyway)

1. I used myself as a model because I needed a picture of a squished face, not because I am trying to immortalize myself as a girl in a jar. 
2. In real life, I could never wear white pants. That would not be flattering on me at all.

If you have read this far, I will say these closing words:

If you feel all screwed up, unscrew yourself ASAP and let your true flavour mix in with the world. Everyone else is doing it, so you should too! I mean if you want to. We want you to.