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Rough Path

I made a goal for myself to post more, at least twice a week. Well, I had an idea for a painting, and I am still working on it! I found out that no matter how hard I want to, I cannot set a strict deadline on a specific painting idea, while I am still learning.

Especially, a forest. Trying to paint forests, always break my brain, but I really, really want to paint them.

My painting of a forest was a very specific idea for a feeling, but I did not arrive at the colours needed until about four colour sketches in my sketchbook. I am still working on my goal painting, so am not posting that one today, despite myself imposed deadline.

On the bright side, I did discover some other ideas that I will likely develop further. Like this one!! 🙂

What I am posting today was a sketch ( that was the wrong direction) on the way to my goal, but I still like how it feels.

This one is called Rough Path. LOL!! 🤣