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Run if You Dare Through the Minty Forest

watercolour, coloured pencil

My younger son took us all to a place that he goes to with his bushcraft class. After a long hike, there is a narrow waterfall and very tall trees growing up the two sides of a ravine.I sat on a bench while the rest of the family and dogs ran around the path on the other side of the ravine. From where I sat, it looked like my son was running wildly ( and randomly) though the trees along the side of a steep hill, because at first, I did not see the path, only the blur of his clothes zipping through all of the standing and fallen trees. Because of this, I call this painting, “Run if You Dare!” 🙂
I struggled with the colours for this, because, although in a dense forest the feeling to me was fresh and open. I was so happy to finally find the colours that felt right to me, and through out my adventure with colour, I found other schemes for other forest vibes. To me, this one is minty feeling. So you can call this, “Run if You Dare!” Or “Minty Forest”
I guess I will call it “Run if You Dare Through the Minty Forest”